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The Wong Kids in The Secret of the Space Chupacabra Go!

Lloyd Suh, playwright


93 pgs. 1 female, 4 male, 8 either (originally performed with 6 actors) Doubling Possible Originally produced by CTC in 2013-14 Run Time: 85 minutes Audience Recommendation: 9+


Violet and Bruce Wong just don’t fit in with the other Earth kids. Sure, they have superpowers, they’re just not very good ones.  But when an evil beast called the Space Chupacabra appears, intent on universal destruction, The Wong Kids must travel to far reaches of outer space to stop it …if they can only stop bickering. Violet and Bruce ultimately realize that being different isn’t just okay, it might just be the most important thing, like, ever.

Best Play of the 2013 Theater Season by the Minneapolis / Saint Paul Pioneer Press!

“Young fans of The Big Bang Theory and other quirky comedies will find this sci-fi fest endlessly entertaining, but geeks of all ages will get a kick out of it. The real secret of The Wong Kids? It’s likely one of the best shows currently running in New York for young theatergoers.” –Theatre Mania

“Who knew that saving the universe could be so much fun?” –Pioneer Press

“The Wong Kids’ story is taken straight from the Young Adult pantheon: Marginalized adolescents discover superpowers, a galactic menace approaches, and supernatural beings lurk throughout an unassuming neighborhood. Wrapped in the familiarity though, is something casually radical. Two Asian-American siblings save the universe.” –TDF Stages

Classroom Reading Fee: $50 per classroom, per semester
Amateur/Educational Royalty Fee: $75 per performance
Professional Royalty Fee: please inquire for a quote
The royalty fee includes permission to make copies of the perusal script for your cast.

THE WONG KIDS First Look from Ma-Yi Theater Company on Vimeo.

Click »here for a PDF excerpt. (Adobe Acrobat is required)

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