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The Magic Bus to Asian Folktales

Rick Shiomi, playwright
Cha Yang, playwright
Jaz Canlas, playwright
Gary Rue, composer


47 pgs. 30 Characters

Originally produced by Steppingstone Theatre

Run Time: 60 minutes

Audience Recommendation: 6+


When the kids get on the old school bus to go home, the mysterious new bus driver treats them to a whole series of Asian folktales. His words are sprinkled like magic-dust on them and they are transported back to Asia. His stories are new versions of old folktales such as the Chinese story where a young boy’s honesty about his own failure leads to success; and the Hmong story about two brothers, (one generous and one greedy), who find a magical tree; and, the Filipino story of a young woman who goes after bandits to avenge her father’s death.  The stories are full of action and songs, and make the kids on the bus so much more aware of the richness of their own Asian heritage.


Classroom Reading Fee: $50 per classroom, per semester

Amateur/Educational Royalty Fee: $75 per performance

Professional Royalty Fee: please inquire for a quote

The royalty fee includes permission to make copies of the perusal script for your cast.


*Production CD available. Additional fees apply.

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