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Illustration by Amanda Rose.

Brementown Musicians, The

Grimm Brothers, author
Allison Gregory, playwright
Hummie Mann, composer


72 pgs. 3 female, 3 male

Originally produced in SCT’s 2009-10 season

Run Time: 90 minutes

Audience Recommendation: 6+


Billy, the goat, Slim, the pig, and cat Nell, overhear when Farmer and his Wife decide that their donkey, Donny, is past his usefulness and his time is up. It’s up to them to warn Donny of his fate. Poor Donny! And he’s such a dreamer, too. In fact, he has a dream of becoming a famous musician one day. That’s it! He’ll leave the farm and follow that dream right to Brementown, the music mecca. As he starts his journey, he encounters Minnie, once a prize show dog, now no longer the pick of the litter. Minnie decides to throw her lot in with Donny, and the pair sets off. It isn’t long before Nell catches up with them. Recognizing the writing on the wall back at the farm, she decides to take her chances on Donny’s big idea, too. Of course, just because it was Donny’s idea doesn’t mean the others don’t have their opinions, as well. Their cacophonous attempt to make music jars the nerves.

As the animal friends bicker and squabble their way along, we see foul things afoot in Brementown. The newly self-appointed Mayor of the town, Fritz, and her brother, Karl the Crusher, have decided to banish music from Brementown forever. Rusty, the operatic rooster, is flabbergasted. However will he be able to share his gift with the world? As Karl the Crusher tries to, well, crush him, Rusty uses his wits, and witty word play, to flee the clutches of the sour-tempered siblings. Soon Rusty stumbles upon the trio of furry friends. This is it! This is how Rusty can get help to stop Fritz and Karl’s anti-music madness. He talks the friends into letting him join their band. Without mentioning the new regime in Brementown, Rusty promises the animals that his connections will ensure them a chance in the spotlight. Since Donny, Millie, and Nell have no idea what’s been happening in the once-bustling burg, they readily agree.

Once in Brementown, it becomes clear, very quickly, that something is not quite right. Where are all the people? Where is all the music? Why is that songbird tied up with its beak glued shut?! They discover that Rusty has tricked them, but the friends realize that only they can save music. With their individual talents pooled together, they are able to thwart Fritz and Karl and bring sweet song back to Brementown.

“With The Brementown Musicians, the Seattle Children’s Theatre has once again does what it does best: created a play that is every bit as entertaining for parents as it is for their children.”
-Seattle’s Child

Classroom Reading Fee: $50 per classroom, per semester
Amateur/Educational Royalty Fee: $100 per performance
Professional Royalty Fee: please inquire for a quote
The royalty fee includes permission to make copies of the perusal script for your cast.

Photo credits: Jayne Muirhead, Hugh Hastings, Auston James and Julie Briskman. Photo by Chris Bennion.

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