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Illustration by Kayla Egle. Illustrations below by Jara Frisk.


Rafael Sabatini, author
Barbara Field, playwright


107 pgs. 3 female, 9 male
Run Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Audience Recommendation: 11+


In the swashbuckling tradition of The Three Musketeers comes this romantic adventure, based on one the this century’s most popular historical novels. Scaramouche tells the exciting story of a young aristocrat thrust by chance into the turbulent politics of the French Revolution. His successive endeavors as a lawyer, politician, actor, lover, and buffoon lead his enemies to call him “Scaramouche” – the clown – but he fights on, dazzling the world with his elegant orations and precision swordsmanship.

“Field has condensed Sabatini’s prose into urgent, juicy theater that carefully truncates its source material so as not to compromise the quintessence of its themes.” –The GW Hatchet

Classroom Reading Fee: $50 per classroom, per semester
Amateur/Educational Royalty Fee: $75 per performance
Professional Royalty Fee: please inquire for a quote
The royalty fee includes permission to make copies of the perusal script for your cast.

Click »here for a PDF excerpt. (Adobe Acrobat is required)

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