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Illustration by Brianna Quintero.

Buried Treasure at Old Fort Snelling

Jenna Zark, playwright
Gary Rue, composer


62 pgs. 12 Characters

Originally produced by Steppingstone Theatre

Run Time: 60 minutes

Audience Recommendation: All Ages


Follow the story of Barbara Ann Shadecker, a 13-year-old refugee from the Canadian Red River colony fleeing the starvation and turmoil that befell her family when they journeyed from Switzerland to the New World. Ann, as she prefers to be called, becomes governess to the colonel’s children at the army post, called Fort Snelling, in 1823. She dreams of going back home, where she lived in wealth and leisure. After hearing a rumor of buried treasure on the grounds of Fort Snelling, Ann decides to look for it according to the clues she picks up from listening to the children. As the adventure unfolds, Ann finds something better than treasure—the warmth of friendship and the beginning of a new home and life.


Classroom Reading Fee: $50 per classroom, per semester

Amateur/Educational Royalty Fee: $75 per performance

Professional Royalty Fee: please inquire for a quote

The royalty fee includes permission to make copies of the perusal script for your cast.

Good Fellow Now You're Home


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