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Greg Banks

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Greg Banks' work as an actor, writer and director has taken him all over the world from Singapore to Seattle via the Arctic Circle.  Greg’s plays include Tir Na N’og (Travelling Light/West End, Broadway,Touring/ Winner of Samuel Beckett Award/TMA nominee for best play for young people 1998), Why The Whales Came (Plymouth Theatre Royal/ Theatre Alibi/West End) Dorian Grey (American Drama Group/International touring) Too Many Cooks( Travelling Light) Huck Finn, Pinnochio, Robin Hood, Antigone (Minneapolis Children's Theatre) Me and My Shadow (Theatre Alibi) Snow Queen (Norden farm) Arabian Nights, Hansel and Gretel, Keep on Moving, (Fair Game Theatre)  He has directed for many companies including The Bristol Old Vic (Endgame), The Unicorn Children's Theatre London (The Wizard of Oz), Minneapolis Children's Theatre (Romeo and Juliet. Winner of the 2009 Ivey award for Direction and voted best play of 2009 by Twin, Antigone, Huck Finn, Pinnochio, Robin Hood) Vedogon Theatre, Moscow (Comedy Of Errors) American Drama Group (The Great Gatsby)The Birmingham Stage Company (Kensukes Kingdom; nominated for a 2006 T.M.A. award, Treasure Island, Why The Whales Came),Polka Children's Theatre, (Just So  by Jamila Gavin)New Perspectives,Travelling Light (Stones, Tir Na N’og, Too Many Cooks), M6 Theatre Company (Forever, Peacemaker, Trouble), 1157 Performance Company,Seattle Children's Theatre and The New York State Theatre (Tempest, King of Shadows by Adrian Mitchell). Learn more about Greg at

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