Perusal Scripts

Perusal scripts can be ordered to assist you with your play selection. Perusal scripts are the full script, not an excerpt, labeled ‘perusal’ to make it clear that they have not been licensed for production. Please refer to the PYA Script Catalog for information on available titles.

Script Pricing

Hard copies of perusal scripts are $20 each. All perusal scripts are also available in a PDF format for $12 each. PDF perusal scripts will be emailed after the order is processed by PYA staff.

Hard copies of written scores are $15 each. All scores are also available in a PDF format for $12 each. PDF scores will be emailed after the order is processed by PYA staff. A limited number of full recorded scores are available on CD for an additional $15, and there are CD score samplers for $5 each. There is a separate rental fee for use of recorded scores in production.

If you have any questions about scripts or scores contact PYA staff at (612) 872-5108 or

Purchase Orders

Plays for Young Audiences does accept purchase orders from schools, universities, colleges, and incorporated organizations in North America. To use a purchase order to buy perusal materials please download the order form, and return to us by fax, mail or email. Invoices will be mailed to the billing address stated at order time.

Returning Scripts

Perusal scripts, written scores, and CD scores do not need to be returned.

Three ways to order perusals

> Order online via our secure server (credit card required)

> Download a mail/fax order form

> Call us at 612.872.5108 (credit card required)

Licensing Information: The license issued in connection with PYA perusal scripts is a limited license, and is issued for the sole purpose of reviewing the script for a potential future performance. All other rights regarding perusal scripts are expressly reserved by Plays for Young Audiences, including, but not limited to, the rights to distribute, perform, copy or alter scripts. This limited license does not convey any performance rights of any kind with this material. By accepting any perusal script(s), Licensee agrees to and is bound by these terms. More information about licensing»